If there is a place to satisfy your health needs through physical exercise, then 4 AM is your place. Not only you will get a community to mingle together happily but enough space to breathe, relax and work out. The people behind 4 AM Club are more in love with nature. Rather than exercising in a 4 walled concrete room, we stick to exercising outdoors. The results are guaranteed to show up more.

You are welcomed to perform your type of exercise and games as we love every type of game and exercises that benefit health. From simple jogging to riding go-kart bikes, there are ways to set up your mood. The grounds, lawns and play areas are all maintained with maximum greenery. If nothing sets your mood, breathing fresh air from them surely will.

Remember when you join us, you are not only joining for physical fitness but instead, you are taking a package of relieving your mind, body and soul. No diet or consultation program can get you such a combination of all three.

Club Timing

Sunday to Saturday

4 AM to 11 PM

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